August 1, 2013

Tomorrow we head west! Yes, it’s the start of making our way back home. I will admit that I’m ready. This is the longest we’ve been away from home and we are both ready for the familiar. So is Gem, but then he was ready from the start! We still have a lot of road to cover and to see, but we will be on our way to Antelope, California.

Speaking of California, I’m thinking that we are probably the only California license plate in the area! People who come this far north and east from the west coast usually fly in. We even found California license plates (and people too) in Long Island, but not Maine. How wicked is that!

Today is a kick-back day, cleaning the trailer, processing photos, walking Gem and doing this blog. I just finished processing Acadia National Park. I’ll show you some of them today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, in the early morning sun, I took some pictures of this campground which I’ll save for a rainy day. This is the first campground that has a beach on their lake and rents out large picnic areas for groups. When we came in last Saturday, there was a party for a couple who were getting married the next day. They also have modular homes and trailers that they rent for the summer. Many retired folks from the south come up each summer, park their trailer and work. I’m sure they get their site free. It’s a wicked deal for them.

I’m beginning to like using “wicked” instead of “cool” or “great.” It may become a mainstay in my vocabulary. Well, I’m going to post this blog and then do some more cleaning. It’s not like this is a big area to clean, but it’s got to be done. After all, we do a turnaround tomorrow.


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