July 30, 2013

Wicked! That’s how Mainers say something is cool. Our overnight trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park was wicked.

I will admit that I was bummed by the weather yesterday; it was overcast and threatening rain. By the time we got to the park, fog was rolling in. We drove around the loop and stopped at various places but it was difficult to see, let alone take pictures.

So we did what anyone would do, we went out to dinner. Richard had his Maine lobster and I had my vegetarian pasta (I don’t eat shell fish). Then we went into Bar Harbor.

This is a tourist town and seaport. I wouldn’t opt to stay there. It’s too crowded. But, then remember we’re National Park folks. This is the first trip that we are visiting cities. I took photos in the fading light but haven’t looked at them yet. By night fall, I was depressed, but looking forward to the prediction of sun the next day. I was told that Cadillac Mountain, in the National Park was a must see. I was hoping the clouds would lift by the time we got there. So with the hope of sun the next day, we returned to our little cottage (we left the trailer in Scarborough).

Little is an understatement! No closet! No desk! I brought my computer to work on images and tried to do them on my lap. It’s difficult to do editing with the laptop, but this was crazy. All this for $115.00 a night! And, we were lucky to get it. Not all places take dogs. This was an old cottage room that had been updated. It was clean and fixed up really well.

As they say, “Tomorrow’s another day,” and it was. The sun came out late morning, and by the time we got to Cadillac Mountain, the sun was peeking through the clouds. It seems like the sun rejuvenated my spirit. I can’t say that it fixed my hair which has been a frizz ball for the last few weeks from the humidity. With renewed energy, I shot a lot of pictures this morning.

I hope to get to these images tomorrow. Today, I have the USS Constitution for you. I’m still amazed that this ship is still commissioned. I hope you think the photos are wicked!


2 thoughts on “Cross country: Wicked Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park & USS Constitution images

    1. I’m sure the new ships are more accommodating toward comfort. Not seeing any way to go to the bathroom, someone asked about it. It seems that the sailors just climbed up the board on the front sail and did his business! I thought that the ship was still in commission was amazing.


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