July 28, 2013

Rain, rain go away. Yes, it’s going to be an overcast and rainy week. Should I say, “Again!”

Today we did shopping and went into Portland, Maine. Now, we’ve been coast to coast with Portland. Last year, we were in Portland, Oregon which is also a seaport. The difference between the two is amazing.

Portland, ME is a small quaint town while Portland, OR is a larger bustling city. And, of course, we took a trolley tour. It’s funny; the western city is where we began taking trolley tours. Today’s tour guide, a former New York cab driver, was entertaining and really had a love for Maine. I have a few images for you of the town in and out of the trolley.

I’m also posting images of our trip here yesterday. I was so glad the campground office had chocolate. We figured out it took us five hours to get here instead of the projected two. Most of it was traffic and getting off the highway, trying to avoid going through Boston.

Tomorrow, we are going off to Bar Harbor for overnight. I may not be able to blog, but I do hope to bring back some great photos of Acadia National Park. Our Maine neighbors across the road say it’s a must see. We’re doing something different—we’re leaving the trailer in Scarborough and staying in a hotel for the night. It was difficult to find one that would take Gem.

I’m just hoping we can get a break in the weather. Rain, rain go away!

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