July 27, 2013

What a day! First we had an adventure, then we learned a lesson and finally we got an unexpected treat.

The adventure began when we were trying to avoid going through Boston on our way to Maine. Our GPS took us on a route that didn’t put us straight on I95, but on I93. Then I saw a sign that said trucks should be careful in Boston for tunnels. Well, right away, New York’s low bridges came streaming back from my memory. We tried to avoid Boston, but couldn’t. But, the best part of the adventure was going through the “Big Dig” tunnel. Yes, we fit.  All that anxiety! I do have shots of it taken through the truck window. Maybe I can show them to you tomorrow.

The lesson learned is to check our GPS before we start, not as we are on the road. We have two Garmins and two cell phones with GPS capabilities. From now on, we will check their routes the night before we leave to make sure that we want to go that way.

The unexpected treat, in addition to the delicious ice cream at the camp store, was a band performance at the campground. They were great. Campgrounds on the west coast don’t do it up like this.

Now, we are tired, need to Skype the children and I need to get this blog posted. Yes, what a day!


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