July 26, 2013

I really get to know a campground or RV park—the short termers , the overnighters, the seasonals and those who live there. Walking Gem two or three times a day, I meet the people and see the changes. For instance, this morning as we walked in the rain, there was no activity. Kids weren’t riding their bikes, guys weren’t fishing in the pond, the tenters were hunkered down, and the only movement was me, Gem, the ducks and the occasional car. A campground/RV park is a micro city just waiting to be explored.

Speaking of exploring, we did that yesterday in Boston. This city is small and compact. There is a mixture of historical, old and new buildings. One of our guides said that 60% of Boston is man-made. That means they dredged the shore line and added new land mass. This also increased the port depth, making it a more viable port.

Public transportation is excellent. Commuter trains bring people work and return them home. The subway takes them around the city. We took the commuter train in and were driven to the station by our camp host in the campground limo! I’ll show you a picture of the old limo that’s just used to take guests back and forth to the station. Unfortunately, there was no mimosa waiting for me at 8:30 a.m.

Once in Boston, we chose our trolley tour. When you only have one day in a city, these tours are a great way to get the flavor of the area. Even with the great public transportation, many choose to drive their cars. As the tour guide said, you could walk faster than he could drive us. That’s because of the horrendous amount of traffic which was made worse because of a bridge closing. It was an interesting day that was highlighted by our tour of the USS Constitution, at more than 200 years, the oldest commissioned vessel still sea worthy and in the water. This was one of the stops where I had time to shoot images. I realized that I’ve been doing more shooting on the run than taking my time to compose and shoot. But, I am getting better at shooting out of windows. I’ll show you images of this great ship another day. There are many of Boston to show you.

If the USS Constitution was the highlight of the day, the greatest disappointment was that we were not able to walk the three-mile Freedom Trail where many historical spots are. Richard’s knees just won’t allow that type of walk. Another disappointment was the rain. We were prepared with an umbrella, but it didn’t really start coming down until late in the afternoon. It was raining hard enough that the tour driver asked me to roll down and secure the plastic window. With all the windows closed, we all were incased in a fogged up bus that was caught in the worse traffic.  So from there on, I wasn’t able to take pictures or really see anything. I think we all just wanted to get to our end stop, which was South Station for us.

We got back to our trailer about 7 p.m., and I immediately walked Gem, who had all four legs crossed. There were a few people out in the rain, the dinner smells got me hungry and one guy was actually barbecuing in the rain. But, most were not ready to face Mother Nature, and the campground was quiet.


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