July 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Carol!

Today we went into Boston and took another trolley tour. If you’re ever in a strange city, take one of these tours, at least to get acquainted with the town. I like the fact that you can get on and off, taking the day to see the city at your own pace.

Tomorrow is another relaxing day before we move on to Portland, ME on Saturday. Since it’s late, I’ll go through the Boston pictures tomorrow. In the meantime, Gem and I discovered a wonderland here at the campground. It is beautiful.

I have some images to show you tonight. Tomorrow, I hope to catch the parent swans and their baby. It was too dark to take photos of them last night. Today you’ll see the Dad, who hissed at me as I got closer to him. One of the campground staff told me that large birds swoop down and grab the swans’ babies, and that they have lost about 20. Yesterday, I only saw one baby.

And finally, even though you don’t know her, you can wish Carol a happy birthday too. She reads this blog daily.


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