July 24, 2013

I haven’t seen fireflies recently. Ever since Texas, I have seen fireflies on our evening walks. They light up and dance as they fly around. It made my dog walking duty enjoyable. We don’t have fireflies back home and I haven’t seen them here either. It was just an observation.

We are about half way through our trip and I’ve come to realize a few things. Most important, I’m a stay put gal. I knew I needed a home base, meaning that I could never wander full time. But I also like to stay put once I get somewhere. I do have a sense of adventure and want to see new things and new places, but I can’t do them staying put.  Maybe that’s why I like the trailer so much. I take my home with me and that makes moving on much easier. And, of course, the reward is seeing this beautiful country and visiting with relatives.

We’re on our way to a campground near Boston. They are three miles from the train station so we won’t have to drive into the city. I’ll finish this post after we get there. I’ve got to make the coffee and get the trailer ready for riding down the highway!

It was an easy two hour drive down the I95 and here we are in Mansfield, MA. The campground is large, and it is truly a campground. There is dirt, pine needles, gravel and lots of trees. It is pretty. The first thing, Gem jumped out of the truck and chased some ducks. Fortunately, he’s an obedient dog and came to us when we called. That will teach us to leave the truck door open when we’re getting the trailer backed in.

Tomorrow, we will take the 9 a.m. train into Boston and spend the day there. Because there is no parking at the train station, the camp hosts provide a free shuttle to and from the station. Nice! I’m hoping there will be a trolley like in Philadelphia that takes you around, and you can get off and on at will. It wasn’t great for shooting pictures, but it was easy on Richard’s knees.

Speaking of pictures, I’ve been only shooting with my 18 – 55 mm kit lens. It’s handy to carry. It’s just been too hot and humid to carry my backpack case. It’s okay for most images, and since I’ve been in the shoot and run mode, it’s working out fine. Maybe, I’ll find something in this wooded campground to shoot with my ultra-wide lens.

Maybe there will be fireflies dancing tonight too!


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