July 23, 2013

We didn’t get lost. We didn’t leave. We decided to stay another day in Old Mystic. Isn’t it great that we can do that!

Today we relaxed and after lunch, went into Stonington, another small village, to get some postcards. We didn’t find postcards, but we did find some nice houses, the harbor and a beach for me to shoot. You’ll see them tomorrow. It depends on how long it takes us to get to Boston.

Today you’ll see the images of Mystic and Irene’s dog and grand-dogs. They are so cute you just have to see them.

I did find some postcards in Old Mystic Village. This is a quaint shopping area in Old Mystic. And, the weather held for us as we did our touring. It rained last night and this morning, but this afternoon the sun came out. It’s 4:15 p.m. right now and the clouds are moving back in.

This kind of weather means my hair is still frizzy and I’m still taking a non-drowsy antihistamine. We will see what the area around and in Boston will bring. Yes, we are definitely moving tomorrow—we made reservations.


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