July 18, 2013

Success! We found help when we needed it. Instead of going back to CostCo where we bought my phone, we went to a Verizon retailer. Even though he didn’t sell me the phone, he worked for about an hour to get my calendar to sync and put all my contacts on the phone. Better yet, I found the protective case I wanted there.

Now, yesterday’s question was would we all go to the air museum together or not. If you guessed that the gals would go shopping, you were correct. It ended up being a very relaxing day.

Today, we’re going to the Planetarium. And, that’s great because we should hit record temperatures for New York! Maybe I’ll get some images of the grounds. I’m hoping tomorrow will be cooler because we are going into Manhattan. Think positive weather thoughts for us.

I’m posting images of the harbor around the View restaurant. Here’s to more success for everyone!


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