July 13, 2013

Oh thank heavens for cousins. Yes, this blog is coming to you through the WIFI of Elaine and Herb. We moved on to Jackson, New Jersey only to find the same almost non-existent internet and very little cell coverage. We have enough to make calls and do email, but not enough to load photos.

Today, I’ll show you some more of Philadelphia, mostly shot from a moving tour trolley. I’m warning you, there are a lot of buildings. I find the old architecture interesting.

Old is something we have found in our travels through Virginia and Pennsylvania. There isn’t the dense suburbia like we have in California. There are houses on lots of acreage and some new housing developments with a lot less land. Where houses are old, they are smaller. The newer homes are large.

We see this in California in the foothills to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the gold country. Of course, we do have the great San Joaquin valley, home to farms and ranches.  But I need to finish this blog so we can get to Herb and Elaine’s home and WIFI! You’ll meet Herb and Elaine tomorrow.


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