July 12, 2013

I have two of the most wonderful cousins. Finding a place to put an RV in/near/around New York is a trying experience. I don’t know how many places I called, it was desperation time. But, with Irene and Karen’s help, we have a spot. It’s amazing that I called this campground twice only to be turned down. Irene went there and got us spot #12!

That made touring Philadelphia more relaxing for us yesterday. We decided to take one of the tours and chose one that allowed you to get off and on. That helps for three reasons: you want to see the attraction, you’re hungry and/or your tour guide’s competency is poor. We got off the busses for all those reasons today. We were fortunate to have two wonderful tour guides who not only told us facts, but added humor.

We also took a guided tour of Independence Hall. You’ll see those pictures maybe Saturday. Today I’m going to show you some of the images I was able to capture from the bus and a beautiful church. You’ll also meet cousins Karen and Alan, and their son Evan and his finance Christine.

It will be nice to have internet again. But again my cousins saved the day. I’m using Karen’s WIFI to post this blog today.

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