July 7, 2013

Got my pedicure today! Opened the Photoshop Elements book today! Decided to shoot RAW today! Can’t process pictures in PE9 today! Thought Fredericksburg would be less crowded! Glad I got that pedicure because all my other thoughts were wrong.

My “Dummies” book talked about how shooting RAW files was better than JPEG files. So I changed the setting in my camera and started shooting RAW. I’m learning something new. How exciting! However, PE9 won’t read the NEF file RAW produces. I found a program from Nikon that will allow Windows to read the file, but I need PE9 to read it. I’ll have to find out why tomorrow. In the meantime, I can’t show you some images I shot today. I’ll accept any help, please.

Fortunately, I did shoot a few JPEG files while Gem and I were walking through the campground this morning. I wanted you to see this campground in the middle of a town.

We wanted to take Gem to a dog park in Fredericksburg this afternoon, so we checked online and headed out only to run into traffic—again. We stopped at a park the GPS thought was a dog park; it wasn’t.  We let Gem run anyway. Around the block was a monument to Mary Washington, George Washington’s mother. On the same grounds was a small cemetery belonging to the Gordon family. It was gated off. Those are the images I shot in RAW.

We did have a great dinner at “Carlos O’Malley’s.” I’ll leave it to you to figure out what type of food we ate. We’re moving on tomorrow to Pennsylvania, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to have photos for the blog. I just might take the day off so I can figure out how to process or at least open NEF files.

So that was my day. Pedicure, dinner and a big learning curve to overcome—tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Cross country: Just hanging around Stafford and Fredericksburg

  1. This is just my opinion, but unless you are planning on doing a lot of manipulation with your photos, I would just shoot jpeg, especially if your software can’t read it. Raw files are great when you want to do a lot of manipulation, it also means that you get much bigger files, so you can’t take as many files.


    1. I’m hoping to learn how to do that high end manipulation, but I think I’ll keep shooting jpeg for awhile. I should have the Nikon software on my laptop anyway. I just have to have better internet to download it. I also want to see the difference between raw and jpeg files. But, I truly don’t think I’m ready for that right now. Thanks, I appreciate your input.


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