July 4, 2013

There’s a pedicure in my future, but not today. We went into Fredericksburg to see some battlefields. First and last stop was the Battlefield Visitors’ Center. First, because Fredericksburg was one of the big battles of the Civil War; and last, because the movie showed the cruelty and loss of life due to the way the battle was fought. My Vietnam Vet husband said he’d seen enough. No more battlefields.

That was okay with me. So, we went to see the historic area forgetting that it was July 4. Oh my, they had streets blocked off, lots of vendors, tons of people and traffic. We couldn’t find a parking place, so we headed out of historic Fredericksburg. We did skirt around and parked a few blocks away. I took some photos for you, but you have to remember they are not truly indicative of the crowds a few blocks down the road.

Then we drove around the area, and I took a few shots of homes that caught my eye. I hope you like them too. They will give you an idea of what life is like in this town’s older section. We ended our visit at the James Monroe Museum and memorial Library.

Our fifth president, Monroe once owned the land the museum is on. However, he had nothing to do with the existing buildings the museum is housed in. The museum was established in 1927 by his great-granddaughter and her two sons. They gathered up all the artifacts you see in the building and bought the land. Our tour guide gave us a wonderful historical tour of Monroe’s life. Did you know that at 19 years he enlisted and fought in the Revolutionary War? He was the person holding the flag in the famous picture of Washington crossing the Delaware. I only shot a couple of items in that museum.

After the museum, we came back to Stafford and our dog only to find him in a hot trailer. Yes, the sun came out and the heat is back. Our trailer was 90 degrees, and the little guy has a tough time in the heat.  The cause was a popped circuit breaker. Now, I’m worried about us leaving him all day when we go into Washington, D.C. tomorrow.

Tonight? Maybe we’ll find some local fireworks shows, or stay here. Whatever we do, there won’t be a pedicure for me today!

Have a safe and happy July 4 everyone.


5 thoughts on “Cross country: Fredericksburg, Virginia

  1. Hi! Alyse is in Livermore Visiting her niece & Sister. I told her to go alone So she can give her Niece her full Attention , this way She won’t be worried About me. Now for the facts- I’ll call. I’m fine – made my Hot dog had a corn, Some chips & Root Beer. Going to watch TV or read a good book Take care Love Cat

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  2. I love the photo’s. I can’t wait to visit the USA next year but until then these photo’s are great for showing me what it’s like in different places over there. Please keep posting! 🙂


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