June 30, 2013

Have you ever closed your eyes and just put your finger down on a bunch of items to choose one? Well, that’s how it is when picking out a location and RV Park to stay in. I went on the internet and found Pigeon Forge and this Park. I did this without knowing anything about the location. And you know the rest!

Today, on our way back into the National Park from a different direction, we found the nice quiet, sleepy town we thought Pigeon Forge was. A lot of parks do not advertise on the internet. Actually, if we hadn’t stayed in Pigeon Forge, we would have missed two great shows. So, everything worked out fine.

Our excursion into the National Park worked out great today too. We took the Cades Loop. The loop itself was 11 miles and to get to it was about 12 miles. It was pretty. Set in a valley, the Park’s meadows were beautiful. We did see some wildlife—three bears and a couple of deer. I got a great shot of the deer, but the bears were really too far away. But you’re going to see one of them anyway!

Also, there were more cabins and churches. I’m only going to show you one of each. I think by now you’ve seen enough cabins! On the way home, traffic came to a halt because of a motorcycle accident. They air lifted the cyclist out for medical attention. We only hope he is okay.

Tomorrow, we are moving on and will be doing two overnight stops so we can get to our Park near Washington, D.C. by July 3rd. The campgrounds in towns close to D.C. are expensive, between $50 and $60 per night. I’m sure the hotels are just as expensive relatively speaking.

Because we will be traveling for two days, I’m going to take a rest from doing the blog unless something happens that you absolutely need to know. I’ll be back on the air July 3rd. Let’s hope I picked out some good parks on the internet.


One thought on “Cross country: Final Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  1. You can show me as many cabins as you like, I wouldn’t mind at all. I think you got the bear just fine, I can see it, and it isn’t a tiny spot on the image. I love those meadows, we don’t really have those here, well, if we do they are private property and you can’t go onto them. I might find some paddocks or such around here where I take people for photos. I have emailed you a couple of tips, I hope that was okay.


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