June 28, 2013

I just can’t make up my mind! Pigeon Forge and the surrounding cities are commercialized and cater to tourists in a big way. This is the place for a family vacation. It is crowded with people and traffic. Our RV Park is a small haven.

So, what’s my dilemma? We went to the Smokey Mountain Opry last night and the show was great. The cast members are extremely talented. It was worth the admission price. I did take some images which I will show you on a moving on or rainy day. The National Park is the same. It is crowded, difficult to navigate, but beautiful. Is this a great place or not? That’s my dilemma!

Today we took an auto tour of the Park. This road was a twisty, narrow one-lane road. I have some pictures for you. There are pull outs for the cars so we can stop to see nature’s beauty, but there aren’t enough of them. There are about seven auto tours. The one we took today mainly featured waterfalls and old cabins. I won’t show you every cabin, but it’s amazing that they are still standing. I didn’t appreciate that visitors carved their names into the cabins’ wood logs and siding.

The forest is dense and beautiful. I hope you agree. Tonight we are going to see a magic show, and tomorrow we are going to take another auto tour that promises wildlife. How exciting!

Maybe seeing bears and deer will help me make up my mind!

2 thoughts on “Cross country: Pigeon Forge and the Great Smokey Mountain National Park

  1. The waterfalls are gorgeous, I love photographing them. You did a great job with them Anne, that cabin on the rocks is really funny, I don’t think I would feel safe in it.


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