June 24, 2013

Confession time! We are not country music fans. We like the crossover country music and certain artists, but we are not full-fledged fans. But we felt no Nashville visit would be complete without visiting the Grand Ole Opry.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. It was a delight to hear the woman sitting next to me sing along with the old tapes of premier artists when the Opry began. A lot of the names were lost on me, having no point of reference. But, the Opry’s history is fascinating.

Whenwe went backstage, I was in awe. It is a beautiful building. The dressing rooms were lush and were named, not for the stars, but for what the stars were. One was named “Friends and Family.” They named a special dressing room “Minnie Pearl.”

We were taken into the Green Room, Studio A, the artists’ entrance and the Opry stage. I’ve got quite a few photos for you. It was difficult to get what I wanted with all the people on the tour, but I did my best. When I stood on the wood circle brought over from the Ryman Auditorium when the Opry moved into its current location, I was overcome. So many greats have stood on that circle.

Next we tried to find the Ryman, but somehow missed it twice! We weren’t going to tour it, but I did want to take a picture of it. Downtown Nashville is amazing.

I loved the old buildings. They have such character, and I bet history. I wish we could have found a parking place so I could hop out and shoot some images—maybe tomorrow.

We gave up trying to find the Ryman and went to the State Capitol. We got to see more of the city since we turned in the wrong direction! I’ll talk about the State Capitol in tomorrow’s post. Gem is going to get groomed in the morning, so we will go into Nashville late in the afternoon, find a parking garage near the clubs, walk a bit so I can shoot some photos and then settle in and listen to music. I’m sure we will find a lot to choose from, even though we’re not country music fans.

2 thoughts on “Cross country: Nashville, Tennessee; The Grand Ole Opry

  1. It is not what I expected, but perhaps that is because it has moved. I just remember what it looked like in the movie Coal Miners Daughter. Perhaps that wasn’t the real thing either. It seems so commercial now, I get the feeling you thought the same. I think you are doing really well with the images.


    1. The auditorium itself is not commercial. Maybe because the Ryman was smaller it gave a more authentic effect. However, the tour (which was informative) was expensive for a 45 min. tour–$18. Then they take your picture hoping to make more money, and not giving you a chance to have someone take your picture with your camera on the wood circle. The final bit of commercialism was exiting you through the gift shop. Thank for the feedback on my images. If you think I could do better on some let me know. I find it difficult to shoot while on a tour. You have to keep moving along.


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