June 23, 2013

What did we do today? Nothing! That was great. I even opened my PE9 For Dummies book.

Not going anywhere, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of life in an RV Park. Some are not as nice as the one pictured below, but typical is full hookups (meaning water, electric and sewer) and sites that you can pull through or back into. Our Memphis Park didn’t have a pool, but it had the mighty Mississippi. This Park has a pool and playground for children.

In many Parks, there are monthly renters. These folks live full time at the park and create a homey atmosphere via landscaping and decorations. This morning I met Ava and Eddy who live in the Park. They were able to give me the name of a dog groomer nearby and some things to see in Nashville. In some Parks, we’ve seen people put storage sheds and canvas car ports in their site.

Most Parks have a small store and/or gift shop. Our Memphis Park didn’t; however, our current Park does. What all Parks have are great neighbors. Our neighbors to our left are from Montana and will be gone from their home three months also. We are awning to awning, creating a nice shade area. I told them that they couldn’t leave until we leave! But, they are anxious to get to visit their friend in West Virginia. No matter where we stop, I’m able to meet people from all over. Whenever I walk Gem, greetings are abundant.

Speaking of Gem, there is a nice dog walk area and small fenced in area where dogs can run. I have images below. Most dogs prefer grass to gravel, and this Park is totally grassy. My dog is in heaven!

We will be here for at least four nights exploring Nashville and taking day trips to other places. In the meantime, it’s great to take a day to relax and do nothing.

2 thoughts on “Cross country: Nashville, Tennessee

    1. Yes, people are coming down from the northern states. But, I think this park would be busy all year since the weather here is less brutal in the winter. Nashville is a big draw. We’ll check out the music; however we aren’t big country music fans. We really enjoyed the music in Memphis.


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