June 22, 2013

It was my mother’s dream that went unfulfilled. She wanted to take a cruise down the Mississippi, but never did it. Yesterday we cruised on the Mississippi for her—a 90-minute sightseeing cruise.

Our guide was great. He gave us so much information and never stopped talking throughout the 90 minutes! I’m a Toastmaster and speaker, so I know how difficult that is.

It seems I gave you some misinformation. The boats I called tugs are really push boats. They work the river 24/7 and change crews monthly. New supplies are waiting for them at various spots on the river. He also said the River runs at about 5 MPH. It seems faster than that. We got the history of all the bridges, buildings and some people. By the end of the tour we were tired, tired, tired from the heat.

We then went to Sun Studios and did the tour there. Although the building is small and the tour group large, it was fun. We learned about the beginning of rock and roll in Memphis and heard parts of the original recordings. The studio is still used for recording in the evening.

We had a great time in Memphis, but it was very expensive. Some hints: If you can, eat in West Memphis, AR. The restaurants downtown are expensive and the food is just adequate.  Some clubs wave the cover charge; try them first. But the cover charge is only $3 per person in the clubs that do charge.

Today we hooked up the trailer, and took off this morning for Nashville—the Music City. What did we just leave? Landing in an RV park 15 minutes out of Nashville, we are resting tonight. There are trees here that will shade the rig. We were in the no trees area in the last park. But, they did have large grass areas that Gem loved running around.

I have pictures taken on the paddle wheel boat and a couple from the Sun Studio tour. I hope you like them.

I’m so happy that I had the chance to fulfill my Mother’s dream, even in a small way. Tomorrow, it’s the Grand Ole Opry and Honky Tonk Row or maybe we will just stay put. That may be my dream.


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