June 21, 2013

I lied! Well, not intentionally, but we did go clubbing again last night. The one club we were going to visit had closed down, so back to Beale we went. So, I hope you’re not bored looking at more images of Beale St. I did try some street photography and found that it’s really difficult—another learning curve.

There were no motorcycles, so the streets were less crowded and more manageable. This time we went to clubs we missed the night before except for the Jerry Lee Lewis club. We like Jason James and his band. Beale St. is like the Sacramento Music Festival condensed and scrunched.

This morning, on the banks of the Mississippi, life is swiftly passing by. Tugs are working hard to get large barges up and down the river, and the occasional log floats by.  The folks at this park always greet you, and enjoy chatting. I get to meet people from all over the U.S. On our morning walk, I met a couple from Memphis! They said they just like to come here and watch the Mississippi. Oh the joys of RV travel.

Today, we’re doing laundry and will to the Mississippi River sightseeing cruise, tour Sun Studio and in the evening go to a coffee house that has music on Friday and Saturday evenings. At least I hope it turns out that way. No more lies!



2 thoughts on “Cross country: Memphis Tennessee and Beale Street 2

  1. Hey Anne, I’m starting from the wrong end, so far behind in posts, but will get to the rest soon. Looks great, you are getting some great photos. Please some of the river, I’m not going to attempt to type the name, you know the one I mean.


    1. Hi Leanne. I took three pictures of the Mississippi for you. I’ll send it via email. On my blog, I’ve posted images of push boats pushing barges up and down the river. Tonight, I’m posting about our sightseeing cruise on the River. When I was a kid, we all had to memorize the spelling of the Mississippi! That’s the only reason I know it.


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