June 19, 2013

On the road again! We are in West Memphis, Arkansas just over the Mississippi from Memphis Tennessee.

It was another uneventful trip—thank goodness. Even Gem is beginning to understand his fate. I say his fate, because he hates to ride in the truck. He knows our getaway routine, and when we start, he becomes alert and despondent. I don’t know if all Schnoodles are like this, but he likes structure in his life. And, while he accepts the trailer, he would rather be home in Antelope, in his house, walking the same route each morning and going to the same doggy park.

He also has a difficult time in the heat, so I walk him early in the morning and late at night. Right now the little guy is lying in front of the air conditioner vent—his favorite spot.

On our morning walk today, we came upon an old mail box that was close to the ground and a rusted out stop sign. Since I’ve taken to carry my camera on our leashed ventures, I took some photos. I just love old, rusted stuff.

After hooking and setting up the trailer this afternoon, I took time to take a couple of shots of the great Mississippi River. It moves fast. My mom always wanted to take a long paddle-wheel boat cruise up and down the Mississippi. So for her, there’s a short Mississippi River cruise in our future!

Tonight, we will be going into Memphis for a barbecue dinner and music. Gem will be guarding the trailer. It will be at least three nights before we’re on the road again.


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