June 16, 2013

I took off early this morning to try to shoot the pedestrian bridge in the soft morning light. And, of course, I combined it with Gem’s morning walk. I opened the door and—-clouds, dark clouds! I went anyway, and it did rain on us. I’ll post a couple of photos from this morning.

Clouds do make photographing flowers easy, and I managed to get some wildflowers on the way to the bridge. The bridge, after doing some research, is the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge. When Gem and I walked over it, we found ourselves at the Clinton Presidential Center. The Center is an unusual building and has beautiful landscaping. I’ll post some pictures of it also.

Our day continued with a trip to Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs. Little did we know that this was the childhood home of Bill Clinton—a large sign announced that fact when we entered the town. This National Park was designated as a National Reservation in 1832. This was before there was a Department of the Interior.  Now a National Park, it sits in the middle of town and is bordered by spa hotels. We walked around and drove up to the mountain top where we rode an elevator to the lookout.

Arkansas is pretty, no doubt about it. However, that beauty is caused by humidity. We are just not used to it. The more we are out in it, the more we will become used to it.

Now, we are back in the trailer. Richard is napping and I’m at the computer. We’ve been eating dinner out a lot because we didn’t want to heat up the trailer, and it’s been too hot to cook outside. However, tonight we will be barbecuing steaks. Last night we had great barbecue at a place called Whole Hog Café. Super yummy!

I’m going to take off tonight with my ultra-wide lens on the camera to try to catch the soft evening light on the bridge. If it’s cloudy, the bridge has lights which will make a nice picture too.

3 thoughts on “Cross country: Little Rock and Hot Springs Arkansas

  1. It sounds like you’re having a good time. We are glad you are. We will be leaving in under two weeks for Maine. Maybe we’ll connect up there. Take care. Linda and Allen


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