June 15, 2013

I’m not complaining any more—about heat. We arrived in Little Rock early this afternoon and it is cooler (high 80s). Still humid, but so nice!

We are in an RV Park located on the Arkansas River. It’s not pretty by any standard but it is clean, has a laundry, great WIFI and is run by the City. It’s basically a parking lot, but it is in downtown North Little Rock and is close to everything.

Yesterday, I did manage to get down to the pond in the KOA at Texarkana. It was in the Texas side, right off Stateline Blvd. We crossed the state line so many times; we didn’t know which state we were in. I have those pictures for you today and the shots from the Dallas Heritage Village.

The Heritage Village is large and there was so much to see. It’s basically what the Dallas area looked like in its earliest days. Some buildings are from Dallas and some are from nearby towns. All were moved in and decorated with original articles from the home or from other places.  I took over 200 shots while we were there. No, you’re not going to have to wade through all of them. I think I’ll show you just one home—a log cabin and the family’s transition into a fairly large house for the time.

Today, I’m hoping we will check out a couple of places after dinner. We do have some housekeeping to do. The clothes are already in the laundry.

Tomorrow, it’s off to see the sights. I hope the weather stays cool!

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