June 14, 2013

It’s HOT! Even by Sacramento standards, it’s HOT. Okay, I’m being a whiner, but the trailer hasn’t recovered, air conditioning wise, from the trip to Texarkana.

It was a beautiful and uneventful drive. Although listed on the Arkansas side of the border our KOA is actually in Texas. This is a nice RV Park with a pond. I’m hoping to go down there when it’s cooler and shoot some photos.

In the meantime, I have some pictures from the Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, which was completed in 1976. This is a park dedicated to the spirit of giving thanks and world peace. Although it is faith based, it favors no particular religion. In fact, the mosaic of the painting, The Golden Rule by Norman Rockwell, was given to the U.S. Government and presented to the UN in 1985. It shows people of all faiths.

It’s a pretty park, but its shining star is the Chapel and the Glory Window, a spiral of stained glass windows.

Well, the thermometer tells me that the inside temperature has dropped to a chilling 89°. Yes, I’m telling myself that it is chilling—maybe mind over matter will help me beat the heat!

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