June 13, 2013

Eat and talk some more—that’s what we did yesterday, Wednesday, June 12. It was a wonderful day. I went to lunch with Ruth and her girlfriends and Richard went to lunch with Paul and the guys. We were right across the street from each other, but you’d never know it. Talking through dinner allowed us time to truly get to know each other. It’s amazing how much we have in common. I’m hoping it won’t be so long until we see them again. And when we do, guess what we’ll be doing!

Why did the truck take the freeway? To see what its passengers could see! Yes, we drove into Dallas today just to look around. I’m posting some images of buildings I shot as we walked the downtown streets. We also visited Thanksgiving Square and the Dallas Heritage Village. I’ll post those pictures tomorrow.

Dallas is huge compared with Sacramento (a small town that is now growing up and the political hub of California). I was impressed that a lot of what we saw was new: tall buildings and a great deal of glass. I’m sure there is an old section, but we didn’t drive into it; nor could we see it from the highway.

We will take to the highway again tonight, but not for long. We are going to the IMAX Theater to see the new Star Trek movie. Tomorrow? We may move on to Texarkana. Who knows where the truck will lead us?

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