We have arrived! And to welcome us, Plano turned up the heat—about 10° (about 97°). We’ve settled in our RV Park and are enjoying the trailer as it cools down. We don’t have the greatest air conditioning system. It keeps it about 10° cooler than outside.

The drive here was great. The countryside is green with ranches. Some of the houses are spectacular. The freeway system is impressive through the bigger cities. Texas is still making inroads into my heart.  Sorry, but I didn’t take any drive by or rest stop shots today. But, yesterday’s RV Park was on the Wichita Falls River and I did take some of the water. I couldn’t do too much because every time I took Gem out, he got full of stickers.

This RV Park is old, but okay. At least there are shade trees to help our air conditioner. This is the first time during the trip that we’ve been able to open the blinds and not be blasted by the sun.

Tomorrow, we are meeting Paul and Ruth and will spend the next couple of days with them. I’m excited about the prospect. In the meantime, it’s laundry, shopping, etc. Can you believe that we’ve been on the road a week?

Think cooler weather for us please. Paul wants to take us to the arboretum, and, of course, it’s outdoors!

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