June 9, 2013

Texas, I’m beginning to like you! All politics aside, the people we’ve met have been gracious and wonderful, especially Matt of Red Rover. Matt came to our rig at 7:30 a.m. this morning to finish fixing the jack. This is Sunday—what a guy! All you Texans, in and around Amarillo, and RV travelers his number is 956-369-9918. We now have a serviceable jack. Eventually we will need a new one, but the truck is off the trailer. Thank you Matt.

And there are actual rest stops and safety rest areas. What is the difference? The safety rest areas have a small museum, covered picnic tables, a children’s playground, large parking area for trucks and RVs, and great architecture.  I’m posting pictures of a safety rest area we came upon. I was amazed. The rest areas are just that, bathrooms and a few picnic tables with minimal RV/truck parking. Then remember, they have picnic areas and parking areas too.

Once off I-40 and on to Highway 287, we drove through small towns and saw beautiful scenery. We drove from desert fauna to green fields.

I did some of the driving today, but Richard got behind the wheel before we hit our destination for today—Wichita Falls. I’m okay on the highway, but I’m not able to park the rig. So, I don’t have any drive by photos for you today, but I think the safety area will amaze you too.

We’ve landed (that’s the way it feels once you arrive) in a nice RV Park for the evening. I’ll go out with Gem once it gets cooler. There are some photo opportunities here.  Tomorrow we head off to Plano, our Texas destination and our cousins Ruth and Paul. I’m sure once I see them; I’ll like Texas even more.

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