Are there places you avoid because things just break when you drive through? We have that problem in Turlock, California and in Amarillo, Texas.  Right now a mobile repair guy, Red Rover, is fixing our broken trailer jack. And guess where we are? Amarillo of course! We are so lucky that he was able to come out right away.

The drive from Albuquerque was uneventful, except for the jack breaking when we arrived at Overnight RV Park. We didn’t get to go into town yesterday so I don’t have pictures to show you. So I did the next best thing—drive by shooting of photos. Again, I faced the wind and stuck my head out the window to capture some images for you. I don’t know why dogs enjoy sticking their heads out the window. But, it did keep me on the alert for anything of interest.

Other things I noticed going from New Mexico to Texas were: 1. There were no rest stops from the border to Amarillo. 2. Picnic areas are just that; there are no restrooms. Silly us, we thought that was just what they called rest stops. 3. Parking areas are just that; no tables, no restroom.

However, we found a nice RV Park. It’s not as big as last night’s but it has plants and trees. There’s almost a homey feeling about it. I’m posting a couple of images of the park also. In the event the jack can’t be fixed until Monday, we will be stuck here without anyway of unhooking the truck from the trailer. This will be a good opportunity to study PE9. I’ve actually made it to the section on editing images!

I’m looking forward to an uneventful trip from here on since we haven’t had any break down experiences in the towns we are going to. But then we’ve never been to many of them. Keep your fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Cross Country: Amarillo, Texas

  1. We’re enjoying your daily blog and pictures. Hope you’re enjoying the trip as well.
    Love, Shellie & Jim


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