June 5, 2013

What a frustrating night last night! I gave up trying to use the park’s WIFI after loading all my photos onto my blog only to lose internet and have to start all over. I started using my cell’s hot spot connection, but would lose internet from time to time. I finally got it done and posted.

Today has been better. We went to the Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert. What an amazing place. The crystal formations that were once wood are beautiful and the colors in the Painted Desert are awesome. It reminded me of the Badlands in South Dakota, but on a much smaller scale. I have so many images to show you, so I will break it up into two or three posts. Tomorrow we will be on the road again and I probably won’t be taking pictures, but I will keep the camera with me.

Regarding pictures, I will confess that I am truly a photohobbist . That means that I’m not willing to get up before sunrise to go back to the Painted Desert to get fantastic photos. It is just not while I’m travelling with my husband and dog. However, they do wait patiently while I scope out the shot and repeat it from various angles. Would it change if I were with a group of photographers? Probably, but I’d need to rest the next day, and maybe the day after!

Photography is a wonderful hobby; but, sometimes you need a little patience when it comes to internet connections!


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