Music! Music! Music! That’s what you get when you attend the Sacramento Music Festival, formerly the Sacramento  Jazz Jubilee. This is the third year we have volunteered at the Festival and it is fun. Our venue, the Youth Bands, is on the Delta King Dock. The venue is sponsored by the Delta King and we appreciate all it does to promote our youth bands. The venue is

small and easy to manage, and the kids are great. It’s been wonderful to watch them from year to year, gaining in competency. We have bands that continually restructure due to kids graduating and new kids coming in. And, we have bands that just disband after high school graduation. We lost two of those bands this year. As a shift manager, I’m responsible for each 3 1/2 hour shift our four volunteers participate in. It’s not a difficult job. We get the rest of the time to enjoy the whole festival. We do have some bands that are our favorites, and I have pictures of them. Because of the set up and tear down of our venue, I only brought my camera one day. But, I think I got some good pictures.

This is my last regular post. Hopefully, June 2, we will be starting my dream vacation of going across the U.S., visiting relatives, National Parks, the east coast, maybe Canada and the Northern U.S. So, this blog will become sort of a travelogue for the duration of our trip.

2 thoughts on “Sacramento Music Festival, 2013

  1. Hi! After reading your Itinerary we think that Since want to visit Friends & relatives You should end your trip with the last Visit to Us but if you guys Are exhausted we Will understand. Love you , US

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